I am the daughter of Jean Pierre and Urszula Voncken and my twin sister is Sara.

I am a ten-year-old Flemish girl from Maasmechelen who has been suffering from a severe form of brain disease (CSWS) for several years and at peak times I got up to fifty epilepsy attacks per day. After four years, the doctors admitted that they could no longer help me with pharmaceutical medicines, Mom and Dad decided to switch to Cannabis oil. Because of these droplets I fully lived up again but ... my medicine is illegal in Belgium, but fortunately not unavailable.

Since then, mum and dad have been fighting to legalize my medicine, supported by family, friends and a lot of uncles and aunts who are convinced that medicinal Cannabis should be legalized and removed from the Opium Act.


Since I get the medicinal Cannabis oil I have evolved from a greenhouse plant in a comatose state to a wonderful child who dances and sings and even goes to school. In the meantime, I can already cycle, talk (apparently I had a lot to catch up because my mouth never stands still), I can cry and laugh and like to play crazy, mom and dad really didn't dare to dream it, but I still learn new things every day and I'm just really happy about that!